Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dragon of her Dreams

Hello everyone! I haven't played on this blog in a long time but it's time! Today I am hanging out over at Stoking the Flames where we are having games and giveaways and generally celebrating our upcoming release! My story is Dragon of Her Dreams, co-written with the fabulous Dara Fraser. We hope you'll come by and visit

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spanking Ms. Whitman

Spanking Ms. Whitman is available here
Mona Whitman is in for it. Her boss has promised severe punishment the very next time she arrives late for work and the hour she spent fantasizing about him has put her job in jeopardy. If only she could come up with an alternative to firing…a punishment they might both enjoy…
Randolph Marks, business tycoon by day, dungeon Dom by night, is in a quandary. His favorite employee is late for work again and he must go through with his threat of retribution. But how to go about it without crossing a line and violating good business practices?  He couldn’t possibly get away with spanking Miss Mona. 
Mona squirmed in dismay as the elevator crawled upward. Seven, eight, nine…. By the time she arrived at her office on the fiftieth floor it would be ten o’clock.
Mr. Marks had hinted at unpleasant consequences for her next late arrival. She shivered. His threat had helped fuel the morning’s fantasy—making her late again. Twisted, but true. Every attempt to point out her faults led to another session with her B.O.B.—her battery operated boyfriend. A poor substitute for the BOSS in her bed. Not that he’d shown the slightest inclination to join her there. Still, she couldn’t let it go, her fascination, her fantasies, her crush.
But what if she pushed her boss too far?
When the doors opened, she rushed through the lobby. Maybe she could slip into her chair, click her screen on, and pretend she’d been there since nine.
If anyone asked, she’d been there since five ’til. Sitting serenely at her desk, preparing for a busy day of reviewing insurance claims. Not bringing herself to earth shattering orgasms with fantasies of their sexy if ever so proper employer. If anyone asked.
Past Angie in reception—had she looked nervous?—through the Employees Only doorway behind her and ducking down the hall. Closed doors on either side, her office coming up on the right. Almost there…a few more feet and…. Oh, no!
The high double doors at the end of the corridor opened and a tall silhouette filled the space, light from the huge windows in his corner office haloing around him. “Ms. Whitman, you are late.”
She froze, bubbles of panic fizzing through her veins. What could she salvage? She’d take any dressing down he cared to give, as long as she could keep her job. And maintain the slight hope he might one day notice her as more than an efficient—if late arriving—manager.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Afternoon Delight

Here is my BDSM story...cover designed by the fabulous Natalie Dae two years ago as a Christmas gift. I think a little kind on a cold winter's day deserves a visit!

Christmas afternoon isn't always about napping amid the wrapping and ribbons. For petite, lovely Lily it's about fulfilling the fantasy of a lifetime with the hansome and muscular Dom, Barry, who she met at the scandalous Carnivore Club. There's sure to be lots of hot BDSM play, but will this holiday happening make them the next Carnivore Couple couple to make a love connection?
What do you think about Christmas kink? Scanalous or sexy? One commenter will get a copy of the story to warm their winter day!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two Men and a Virgin

Buy Here

Andie’s first trip to the 49th state is not just for sightseeing. She’s emptied her bank account to bring the two men of her dreams to Castillo Lodge, in Castle, Alaska for a Christmas Eve date of a lifetime. Only…they don’t know their date is also their best friend from back home.
Paul and Rex were delighted to “win” a date from Madame Eve, although they were surprised to find there had been a contest. Still, they plan to make the most of their time away, skiing, dogsledding…romancing a mysterious woman who is looking for two sexy guys for a night of over-the-top passion. A stranger with whom they can be themselves, and not have to hide their secret.

Rex stumbled until the armchair hit the back of his knees and he dropped into it. “Andie?”

Paul scrambled to his feet. “How did you get here? Are you here for the holidays, too? Do you—oh no, you didn’t win a date, too, did you?”

She looked back and forth between them, tension in her jaw he’d never seen before. “No, I didn’t.” Tucking her legs up onto the ledge, she wrapped her arms around them and rested her chin on her knees. She muttered something.

“What?” Paul loomed over her like an interrogator. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said—” She dropped her stockinged feet to the floor and rose to her full height of five foot two. “I am your date. Both of yours.” Her helpful clarification sent Rex’s heart into the pit of his stomach in shock.

He moved closer. “What are you talking about? Do your folks know where you are?”

“I’m not a child, Rex, of course they don’t know where I am. But I did tell them I had plans for the holidays.” She brought her gaze up to his, and he fought not to smile at her set jaw or her hands fisted on her hips.

“This is impossible…a mistake.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” Her defiant stare belied the tremor in her voice, and he longed to comfort her, but was too stunned to behave like a normal person. “I thought we could spend a nice Christmas Eve together, the three of us, but I guess I can see if they have a room in the lodge available.” She reached for her boots.

“Don’t be silly.” His mind raced, trying to assimilate her presence and determine the right way to respond. “You just surprised us.”

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pirate Lady Holiday

To celebrate the rerelease of Pirate Lady Holiday one random commenter between now and Dec. 1 will receive  10 dollar Amazon gift card!

Aboard the Pirate Lady, Clara’s Christmas is not looking too merry. She tries to lift her spirits with a little holiday baking, but until tattooed rocker, Hot Jack Slick, traveling incognito, arrives on the scene, it looks like Clara’s not going to find any spirit in her holidays.


Jack is about to find out that this is one lady pirate who isn’t impressed by fame and fortune, and never dates guys in bands.  It’s going to take Santa Claus and all his helpers to help Jack break the ice that surrounds this very lovely lady’s heart. And even then it will be a stretch to make it to her bedroom before Christmas morning dawns.



Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogger of the Year Nomination

I've been nominated for Blogger of the Year at the Boog Boost Blog! I'm so excited as it's based on a blog I did when my first book was released, Finally, My love. Since then I've had a few more, well, several, and each one is exciting...but I do have a special place in my heart for Finally, which is loosely based on my dh and I meeting 10 years ago.
Here is an excerpt:
Finally, My Love Excerpt

Daring a glance in his direction, she saw his sensual mouth quirk into a smile.
"I was remembering last night. You and me, together."
Her cheeks flushed a fluorescent pink. She knew exactly what he was talking about: their final phone sex session. In the past few months, it had gotten to where just his voice on the phone made her nipples harden. But her brain stalled, and he continued before she pulled it together enough to respond.
"I was thinking about how far away you were last night when we talked. But sexy even three thousand miles away."
What a sweet guy. Tears pricked the back of her eyes as she maneuvered around a Lexus with a woman talking on the cell phone and creeping along at forty miles an hour in the fast lane. Pleased by his words, she threw him a smile and squeezed his hand, but suddenly, the Lexus woman veered into their lane. Amelia slammed on the brakes. The car lurched.
Her sweet guy swore. Loudly. "Shee-it! Goddamn it!"

Check out the Book Boost Blog at http://thebookboost.blogspot.com/2011/01/book-boost-blogger-of-year-nominee-kate.html

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Morning at the Carnivore Club

I've posted a free read! A prequel to Christmas Afternoon Delight. Wonder what Barry was up to at dawn, before his date with Lily? Come on over to Got Romance Musings...