Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kate and Dana dine with the Dragon

Dinner with the Dragon or How to Avoid Being the Main Course
Kate and Dana poked their heads back out into the hallway. "I don't see anyone," Dana said. "Should we just stay here?"
"I don 't think so," Kate replied, coughing. "I think the hall is a little less dusty, since it doesn't have any hangings or draperies. Let's see if we ca find our way to the dining room." She led the way, stepping bravely out in to the stone corridor. "Let's go to the right."
"Why the right?" Dana scurried to catch up with Kate's longer stride.
"Why not?"
"Okay." They came to a corner and Kate turned to the right. This time Dana just followed, shrugging her shoulders. They had to go one way or the other, and without any knowledge of the castle's layout, it didn't really matter.
"Wait." Dana laid a hand on Kate's arm. "Listen."

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  1. Interesting... I really like the pic on the post. Is this going to be a new book?